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chapter 1: setup

Vendor Account Setup

Create a Vendor Account using your email from any browser on any device. Start invoicing and scheduling customers!

chapter 1: setup

Learning the Vendor Dashboard

Set up your account Profile, and navigate the tools on the Dashboard, like: Adding or importing Customers, sending Invoices, and all the introductory tools.

chapter 1: setup

Vendor Setup Payouts

A critical step to get fast payments from your customers. We use Stripe, a secure and trusted financial tool. Have your bank info ready. Takes approximately 5 minutes.

chapter 1: setup

Homeowner Account Setup

Create a FREE Account using your email. Start by adding a property. Shown in mobile.

chapter 1: setup

Adds A Vendor  

Add the Service Pros that help you with your home, and invite them to your Fixable Property.

chapter 2: enabling autopilot

Adding New Customers

Everything starts with a customer. Once you've added your customers' basic info, you can begin sending Proposals and Invoices, and in-app Chat so you can communicate and share with your customers.

chapter 2: enabling autopilot

Recurring Services

Add services (recurring or one-time) that automatically sync to team calendars, and reminders for you and customers. Include service details, pricing, frequency (day and time), and time windows.

chapter 3: special features

Completing Jobs and Invoicing

Look at how Techs can update the status of a job (en Route,  Complete), add notes, and receive payments from Invoices. Includes what to do for payments in check or cash.


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